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OUR SNEEZE GUARDS ARE IN STOCK - taking orders now.


COVID-19 Social Distancing Sneeze Guards 

Unique, clear sneeze guards for desks and tables to help you get back to work safely. Our plastic cough guards are customizable for all industries.

Available as face shields and desk wraps. All shields can be selected with a straight base or an arch in the bottom center for passing items / hands underneath. 


  • 100% recyclable.

  • Easy to store by simply rolling up.

  • Portable - easy to move around.

  • No tools needed for assembly - easy and rapid installation. 

  • Our cough guards / sneeze guards are in stock and ready to ship out today.

  • Free shipping to the contiguous USA


For custom solutions or wholesale options, please get in touch

How to Select Your Sneeze Guard 

  1. Select your application: straight screen, L shaped screen, or U shaped screen.

  2. Determine the full length (width) required.

  3. Select a width that meets or exceeds your requirement.

  4. Screen film is rolled around an end post to accommodate shorter distances.

  5. Locate the height you require on the Stock Sizes Price List PDF.

  6. Select whether you need a straight base or hospitality arch.

Sneeze Guard Options

Choose from 5 base options:

  1. Vacuum cup.

  2. Adhesive disk with magnetic.

  3. Adhesive disk with screw - ideal for mounting to a wall or table.

  4. Clamp with screw - recommended if intending to relocate the shield. 

  5. Clamp with magnet.

Each of these configurations can be chosen with either a straight base or a hospitality gap. The hospitality gap is a 6" arch cut into the base of the plastic shield to allow objects and hands to pass underneath, while still maintaining social distancing. 

Installation Instructions​

Our sneeze guards are quick and simple to install. Simply install the base, and then install the posts. 

View our Installation Instructions for a step-by-step guide on how to simply install your cough guards. 

Make sure to clean with any ammonia-free cleaners or wipes, light detergents or isopropyl alcohol.