Face Shield - prices from $103

Face Shield - prices from $103


Sneeze Guards

Available for desks or tables up to 6 feet in length. The Face Shield can be adjusted to shorter lengths by simply wrapping the film around the end pole.


This front facing shield offers protection from sneezes and coughs from people sitting near you to accommodate your workplace requirement for social distancing. 

For the most stable, flexible and portable option, we recommend the clamp with screw or clamp with magnet base option.


Optional 6 inch arch can be cut into the base of the shield to allow hands, paper, parcels, and money, etc to pass through the gap.


The Hospitality Shield option (window) is provided at no extra charge. Please indicate if required when adding the item to your basket. The hospitality shield is specifically designed for businesses, such as nail bars, post offices etc, that require additional contact with customers, yet still have protection of both your workforce and clients in mind. 


Front Shield Sizes

Prices starting at $66.

Standard front shield size: 24" x 4' with clamp with screw base.


Multiple heights are available: 18", 24", 32", 36", 40" inches.

Multiple widths are available: 3', 4', 6' feet. 

All shorter widths can be achieved by rolling up the film on the uprights. 



The shield Spreader ensures tension is maintained on the film. The Spreader is available to span the distance between the two posts. These hold the tension between the top to top spacing of the posts. 


They are required for spans over 6 feet and will be provided as standard automatically with your order.


For film lengths shorter than 6ft a charge of $20 will added. 


Multiple lengths available: 4', 6', 8', 10' and 12'. View our Spreader page for further details. 


Base Options

View our Options page for images and descriptions for all of these options. 


Magnet option (no additional cost): Includes adhesive steel disk applied to desk surface, and magnetic base post.


Hospitality option (no additional cost): 6 inch arch added to the base of the cough screen for a window to pass objects or hands through. Customers can also add the cutout later, using a razor knife and template provide by Jordan Defense Shield. 


Screw / wall mount option  (no additional cost): Adhesive steel disk applied to desk surface. The post is then secured to the disk with 3 screws. This option can be used to mount the sneeze guard vertically onto a wall - ideal for waiting rooms. 


Desk clamp option (no additional costs): A C-Clamp can be provided as an alternative to the adhesive disk, in either magnet or screw format. 


If your desk has very little or no overhang, then please view our Desk Clamp Options, where you can choose between a ZClamp-Edge or ZClamp-Flush. 


  • C-Clamp: for desktops without restrictions. These will automatically be supplied with your order if you select 'Clamp with Magnet', or 'Clamp with Screw' from this page. 


  • ZClamp-Edge: for desktops with short overhangs. These are available for either magnet or screw clamp options. Simply add this option to your basket and we'll supply in the format you requested. 


  • ZClamp-Flush: for desktops with no overhang, but with small gap between privacy panel and desk top.  Simply add this option to your basket and we'll supply in the format you requested.
  • Key Benefits

    • Set up in minutes - assembled quickly, no tools required.
    • Affordable – low cost and manufactured in the USA.
    • Portable – easy to move as needs dictate.
    • Effective sneeze guards – provides a simple barrier against germs.
    • Recyclable – shields are 100% recyclable and when sent back to us, we’ll turn them into clothes!
    • Versatile - Ideal for offices, receptions, hospitals, restaurants, schools & universities.
    • Compact - for easy shipping and storage.


  • Returns

    30 day returns available. Please get in touch for more information and terms and conditions.

  • Shipping

    Worldwide shipping available. Free standard shipping within the continental USA. International shipments will be charged accordingly.

    Shipping Dimensions:

    Each unit in a box measures: 3 x 5 inch x 36 long (75mm x 125mm x 900 long).

  • Delivery Policy

    Jordan Defense Shield reserves the right to deliver any goods in installments.

    The company will endeavour to meet delivery dates, but shall be under no liability of any kind if it fails to meet indicated dates, whether under Jordan Defense Shield's control or not.

  • Considerations

    1. 32” screen, when placed on a desk, will reach the same height as most office cubical partitions.

    2. A 24” screen offers shielding between people when seated at a table, beside or across from each other.

    3. An 18” screen is good to extend current partitions that may already be in place, such as between booths in a restaurant.t.

    4. Multiple L or U shaped screens mounted on long or large multi person tables can divide side by side or opposed seating

    5. Prices for screens include the two required end posts. L or U shaped shields require an added post for each inside corner.