You can customize these shields to almost any dimensions, to suit your specific requirements.


Examples of all four mounting methods for our sneeze guards can be found in the images below, as well as examples of set ups in a waiting room, conference room and library.  


Desk clamps with a screw on connector or magnet connector can be provided as an alternative to magnetic clips.


To ensure tension is maintained on the film, a "tensioner" is available to span the distance between the two posts. These hold tension on the film between the top to top spacing of the posts.


They are required for heights over 40 inches and spans over 6 feet.  

They are recommended for heights over 32 inches, or distances of more than 4 feet.

Spreaders allow 12 inches of adjustment from minimum to maximum width.


Delivery timings will be confirmed to you once final design has been agreed.

Please get in touch for further information. 

JDS Custom Options.png


For larger wholesale orders, please feel free to contact one of our sales managers who can make the order process as simple as possible. 

Discounts and free shipping are available for bulk orders within the USA. Discounts also available outside of the USA. 

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